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Can someone translate my User Page for me please? Or bits of it if you are too busy? Grasyans. Llywelyn2000 12:28, 2 Est 2009 (UTC)

Rol a Gembrion[pennfenten]

List of Welsh people - Rol a Gembrion
Image - Imach
Name - Hanow
Date of birth - Dedhyas genesigeth
Date of Death - Dedhyas mernans
Place of birth - Tyller genesigeth

--Kw-Moon (keskows) 03:49, 7 Me 2016 (UTC)

Wikidata lists[pennfenten]

Meur ras bras rag an gorthyp uskis dhe'm govynn [|a-dro dhe rolyow Wikidata]

I have made sub-pages for dwarf planets here: Devnydhyer:DavydhT/Kyst_Tewes/Planetys_korr Devnydhyer:DavydhT/Kyst_Tewes/Planetys_korr_possybl

These don't seem to be working at the moment, not really sure why. DavydhT (keskows) 14:54, 3 Du 2020 (UTC)

There was a problem with Listeria; I requested a fix, which has been carried out. They all seem to work now: really glad to see that WD Lists is being used - it can be thought of at times as 'See also' at the end of an article, but is usually best to limit the list otherwise it slows down.
Davytdh - can you translate the following, please, which appear on the top of the lists in English and which need to be in Cernyweg:
This list is automatically generated from data in Wikidata.
Update the list now
Find images
The translations need to be placed in the main template which I added here 4 years ago. Mwy ar dudalen y gymuned! Llywelyn2000 (keskows) 05:34, 15 Du 2020 (UTC)