Papoua Gyni Nowydh

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Independent State of Papua New Guinea
Independen Stet bilong Papua Niugini
(Tok Pisin)
Independen Stet bilong Papua Niu Gini (Hiri Motu)
Baner Papoua Gyni Nowydh Kota arvow Papoua Gyni Nowydh
(Baner Papoua Gyni Nowydh) (Kota arvow Papoua Gyni Nowydh)
Lavar kenedhlek: Unity in diversity
Papua New Guinea (orthographic projection).svg
Yeth soedhogel Sowsnek, Hiri Motu, ha Tok Pisin
Pennsita Port Moresby
Brassa sita Port Moresby
Myghternes Elisabeth II
Lywydh Bob Dadae
Pennmenyster James Marape
Enep 462,840 km²
Poblans (2011)
7,275,324 a drigoryon
15 triger/km²
Anserghogeth dhiworth Rywvaneth Unys
10ves a vis Hedra, 1970
Mona kemmyn Kina Papoua Gyni Nowydh (PGK)
Amser UTC +10, +11
Kan genedhlek O Arise, All You Sons
Kodenn kesroesweyth .pg
Kodenn pellgowser +675

Papoua Gyni Nowydh (Sowsnek: Papua New Guinea) yw stat y'n Keynvor Hebask.