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Newquay (Skantlyn:Coor dm), (Former name in old Cornish: Tewynn Pleustri) is a town on the North Atlantic Coast of Cornwall in the South West of the United Kingdom. It is bounded to the west by the Gannel River and its associated salt marsh, and in the east by the Porth valley. The town has been expanding inland (south) since it was founded, and it is now one of the largest in Cornwall.

The curve of the headland around what is now Newquay harbour provided natural protection from bad weather and a small fishing village grew up nearby. When the village was first occupied is unknown but it is not mentioned in the Domesday Book although a local house (now a public house known as "Trenninick Tavern") is included. By the 15th century the village was called "Towan Blystra". while the then separate harbour area was known as 'Keye'. "Towan" means sand hill/dune in Cornish, but the meaning of Blystra (earlier Pleustri or Plustry) is unknown. The anchorage was exposed to winds from the north east and in 1439 the local Burghers applied to Bishop Lacey of Exeter for leave and funds to build a "New quay". This appeal failed, but a new quay was eventually built around 1615.

In former times the small village was famous for pilchards and there is a remaining "Huer's Hut" above the harbour from which a lookout would cry "Heva!" to call out the fishing fleet when pilchard shoals were seen. The town's crest includes four pilchards, and bears the Cornish words 'ro an mor' – gift of the sea.

Newquay is now a major tourist destination, principally on account of the 10 long and accessible beaches which are popular with surfers, as well as the picturesque coastline. More recently, Newquay has become a regional centre for aerospace industries and is the home of Cornwall Airport Newquay. Spaceport Cornwall is also now under construction on the airport site, and the first satellite launches are expected in 2022. The town has a resident population of at least 25,000, but this can increase to 100,000 or more in the summer. A housing development is under way on Duchy of Cornwall land on the eastern side of the town. 'Nansleden' is set to increase the population by at least 12,000 when more than 4,000 new homes have been completed.

The town is generally accepted as "The Surfing Capital of Britain", with many surf shops and board manufacturers. Fistral Beach hosts major international competitions, and Towan, Great Western and Tolcarne beaches nearer the town as well as nearby Crantock Bay also provide high quality breaks. Towan Beach was also the location for a proposed Newquay Surfing Reef, a controversial project which has yet to make progress.

Until 2014 Newquay was also the destination of the "Run to the Sun" event, which took place during the late May bank holiday. Many people came to the town in Volkswagen Camper vans, Beetles and other custom cars. It is now better known as the home of the Boardmasters music festival, which attracts some 50,000 fans to Watergate Bay and Fistral each August.

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