Jackson, Mississippi

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City hall in Jackson, Mississippi.jpg
Leshanow: Crossroads of the South, Treusfordhow an Soth
Hinds County Mississippi Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Jackson Highlighted.svg
Kenedhel Statys Unys Amerika
Stat Mississippi
Konteth Konteth Hinds, Konteth Madison, Konteth Rankin
Mayour Chokwe Antar Lumumba (Demokratek)
Poblans (2010)
- Doesedh
173,514 a drigoryon
1,654.1 triger/km²
- Hav (CST)
UTC -6
UTC -5

Jackson yw an vrassa cita ha penncita Mississippi, Statys Unys. Yn 2020, poblans an sita o 153,701.

An sita a veu fondys yn 1822.

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