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State of Tennessee
Baner Tennessi Sel Tennessi
(Baner Tennessi) (Sel Tennessi)
Lavar: Agriculture and commerce
Leshanow: Volunteer State
Map of USA highlighting Tennessee.png
Kenedhel Flag of the United States.svg Statys Unys Amerika
Pennsita Nashville
Brassa sita Memphis
Governour Bill Lee (Repobloger)
Enep 109,247 km² (36ves)
 - Tir 106,846 km²
 - Dowr 2,400 km² (2.2%)
Poblans (2000)
 - Sommenn 5,689,283 a drigoryon (16ves)
 - Doesedh 53.29 triger/km² (16ves)
Dydhyans pan entras y'n Unyans
 - Dydhyans 1sa Metheven 1796
 - Reyth 16ves
Senedhoryon an SU
 - Henavek Lamar Alexander (Repobloger)
 - Bacheler Marsha Blackburn (Repobloger)
Berrheans an Post TN
Hanow an drigoryon Tennessean, Tennesseean
Amser UTC -5/-4 (Eastern), -6/-5 (Central)
Kodenn kesroesweyth .tn.us

Tennessi (yn Sowsnek: Tennessee) yw stat yn Statys Unys Amerika.

Citys yn Tennessi[golegi | pennfenten]

1 Memphis 662,897
2 Nashville 626,681
3 Knoxville 178,874
4 Chattanooga 167,674
5 Clarksville 132,929

Gwiasva[golegi | pennfenten]