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Agatha Christie

Dhyworth Wikipedya, an godhoniador rydh
Agatha Christie
Leshanow Mary Westmacott Edit this on Wikidata
Genys Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller Edit this on Wikidata
15 Gwynngala 1890 Edit this on Wikidata
Torquay, Ashfield Edit this on Wikidata
Mernans 12 Genver 1976, 1976 Edit this on Wikidata
Winterbrook, Wallingford Edit this on Wikidata
Kenedhlogeth Ruvaneth Unys, Ruvaneth Unys a Vreten Veur hag Iwerdhon Edit this on Wikidata
Alma mater
  • adhysk privedh Edit this on Wikidata
Galwesigeth klavjier, skrifer, romansydh, skrinskrifer, dramaturge, skrifer yeth plen, honanvewskrifer, prydydh, skrifer gwariow, crime fiction writer, hendhyskonydh Edit this on Wikidata
Aswonnys rag The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, The Sittaford Mystery, Peril at End House, Lord Edgware Dies, Murder on the Orient Express, The A.B.C. Murders, Cards on the Table, Death on the Nile, Sad Cypress, Five Little Pigs, Towards Zero, A Murder Is Announced, A Daughter's a Daughter, Endless Night, Curtain, Sleeping Murder, And Then There Were None Edit this on Wikidata
Gis romans drogober, romans aventur, honanvewskrif, fugieth hwithrer Edit this on Wikidata
Movyans Knox's Commandments Edit this on Wikidata
Tas Frederick Alvah Miller Edit this on Wikidata
Mamm Clarisa Margaret Boehmer Edit this on Wikidata
Pries Max Mallowan, Archie Christie Edit this on Wikidata
Fleghes Rosalind Christie Edit this on Wikidata
Pewasow Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire, The Grand Master, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, Anthony Award, Commander of the Order of the British Empire Edit this on Wikidata
Gwiasva https://agathachristie.com Edit this on Wikidata
Eseleth Royal Society of Literature Edit this on Wikidata

Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie DBE (15 Gwynngala 1890 – 12 Genver 1976) o awtoures sowsnek a fugieth dhrogober. Pur veur yw hanow hy lyvrow a-derdro'n bys, ha hi re werthas moy ages 4 bilvil lyver yn ollvysel. Hy lyvrow re beu treylyes dhe voy a yethow ages lyvrow awtour aral vytholl, 103 a yethow herwydh an reknans diwettha. Hy hwedhlow dell yw usys yw yn kever moldransow ha diskudha piw a's gwrug. Hi a wrug devnydh a niver a hwithroryon yn hy lyvrow dhe dhiskudha an voldroryon, an moyha aswonys anedha yw Hercule Poirot ha Miss Marple. Benen goth yw Miss Marple, ow triga yn gwik sowsnek kosel, St Mary Mead. Hi a wra devnydh a hevelepterow dhe hwarvedhyansow y'n termyn usi passyes yn St Mary Mead dhe gonvedhes piw a wrug an moldrans. Hwithrer privedh yw Hercule Poirot, den a Bow Belg neb a vyw yn Loundres. Ev a wra devnydh a'n "kellow byghan loos" dhe gachya an moldrer. Pub hwedhel gans Christie re beu gwrys avel towlennow pellwolok ha fylmow.

Ynwedh Christie a skrifas gwariow. Onan anedha, The Mousetrap, a dhallathas y'n 'West End' yn 1952. Ev yw an gwari re beu performys an hirra y'n bys.

Genys veu Christie yn Torquay yn Dewnens. Ny eth dhe skol, mes kavos gwersyow gans hy mamm pan veu yowynk drefen hy mamm dhe brederi na godh dhe fleghes dyski redya bys pan vons eth bloodh. Christie a dhyskas hy honan pan veu peswar bloodh. Hi a redyas lies lyver, ytho hi a dhyskas fatel bos skrifer da. Hi dheuth ha bos pianydh ka kantores dha ynwedh. Yn Kynsa Bresel an Bys, hi a oberas yn klavji ha ferylva. Hi a dhemedhis diwweyth, Archibald Christie, hag ena an hendhyskonydh Max Mallowan. Hi a wodhevas iselder wosa an dorrva dhemedhyans kynsa, ha pan wovynnas hy gour kynsa rag didhemedhyans hi eth a wel nebes dedhyow. An paperyow nowydh a gemeras meur a vern y'n hwarvedhyans. Diskudhys veu wosa 10 dydh yn ostel yn Harrogate. Hi a wrug devnydh a'y frofyansow war viajys dhe dylleryow kepar hag Irak hag Ejyp yn hy lyvrow.

Yn 1971, enorys veu gans an Vyghternes gans an titel Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire po DBE. Christie a verwis 12 Genver 1976 yn 85 bloodh dhyworth achesonyow naturel yn hy chi yn Konteth Rysoghen. Ynkleudhys yw hi yn korflan St Mary's, Cholsey.

Renkys yw gans an Guinness Book of World Records avel an romansydh re wrug gwertha an niver moyha bythkweth, a-dro dhe 4 bilvil dasskrif. Hy romans re wrug gwertha an moyha yw And Then There Were None, a-dro dhe 100 milvil dasskrif. Christie a dyllas hwegh romans yn-dann an hanow Mary Westmacott ynwedh. Ny wra an rol a-is komprehendya an palster a hwedhlow berr dyllys yn lies kuntel.

Treylyes veu An Rin Kernewek (The Cornish Mystery), onan a'n hwedhlow berr y'n kuntel Poirot's Early Cases, dhe Gernewek gans Roger Henley, ha dyllys yn An Gannas yn 2021.

Rol a lyvrow[golegi | pennfenten]

  • 1920 The Mysterious Affair at Styles
  • 1922 The Secret Adversary
  • 1923 Murder on the Links
  • 1924 The Man in the Brown Suit
  • 1925 The Secret of Chimneys
  • 1926 The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
  • 1927 The Big Four
  • 1928 The Mystery of the Blue Train
  • 1929 Partners in Crime
  • 1929 The Seven Dials Mystery
  • 1930 The Murder at the Vicarage
  • 1930 The Mysterious Mr Quin
  • 1931 The Sittaford Mystery
  • 1932 Peril at End House
  • 1933 The Hound of Death
  • 1933 Lord Edgware Dies
  • 1934 Murder on the Orient Express
  • 1934 Parker Pyne investigates
  • 1934 The Listerdale mystery
  • 1935 Three Act Tragedy
  • 1935 Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
  • 1935 Death in the Clouds
  • 1936 The A.B.C. Murders
  • 1936 Murder in Mesopotamia
  • 1936 Cards on the Table
  • 1937 Death on the Nile
  • 1937 Dumb Witness
  • 1938 Appointment with Death
  • 1939 Ten Little Niggers/And then there were none
  • 1939 Murder is Easy
  • 1939 Hercule Poirot's Christmas
  • 1941 Evil Under the Sun
  • 1941 N or M?
  • 1941 One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
  • 1942 The Body in the Library
  • 1942 Five Little Pigs
  • 1942 The Moving Finger
  • 1944 Towards Zero
  • 1944 Sparkling Cyanide
  • 1945 Death Comes as the End
  • 1946 The Hollow
  • 1947 The Labours of Hercules
  • 1948 There is a Tide
  • 1949 Crooked House
  • 1950 A Murder is Announced
  • 1951 They Came to Baghdad
  • 1952 Mrs McGinty's Dead
  • 1953 A Pocket Full of Rye
  • 1953 After the Funeral
  • 1955 Hickory Dickory Dock
  • 1955 Destination Unknown
  • 1956 Dead Man's Folly
  • 1957 4.50 from Paddington
  • 1957 Ordeal by Innocence
  • 1959 Cat Among the Pigeons
  • 1961 The Pale Horse
  • 1962 The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side
  • 1963 The Clocks
  • 1964 A Caribbean Mystery
  • 1965 At Bertram's Hotel
  • 1966 Third Girl
  • 1967 Endless Night
  • 1968 By the Pricking of my Thumbs
  • 1969 Hallowe'en Party
  • 1970 Passenger to Frankfurt
  • 1971 Nemesis
  • 1972 Elephants Can Remember
  • 1973 Postern of Fate
  • 1974 Poirot's Early Cases
  • 1975 Curtain
  • 1976 Sleeping Murder