Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill.jpg
Pennmenyster an Ruwvaneth Unys

10 Me 1940 - 26 Gor 1945 (1a)
26 Hed 1951 - 6 Ebr 1955 (2a)

Myghtern(es) George VI/Elizabeth II
Parti Tori
Bleynys gans Neville Chamberlain (1a)

Clement Attlee (2a)

Sewys gans Clement Attlee (1a)

Anthony Eden (2a)

Syr Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, PC, FRS (30 mis Du 1874 – 24 mis Genver 1965) o pennvenyster Ruvaneth Unys a 1940 dhe 1945, hag arta a 1951 dhe 1955. Churchill o pennmenyster Ruwvaneth Unys dres an brassa rann a Nessa Bresel an Bys.