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Wikiproject ydhyn

I apologise that I have no Kernewek! I've started this little project so we can, hopefully work together in getting more articles on birds that have a name in Kernowek. If you're interested, then add your user name on the bottom, so we know where we can ask for help etc. Feel free, please, to delete this Sowsnek and translate it into Kernowek (at least the main headings!! We can think of this Wikiproject as a template for future projects: other species, places, things...! The world's your egg!

Discussions usually go on the Talk page.

Taklow parys[pennfenten]

  • Wikidata list, which I added on this language wiki around 4 years ago can be added on the bottom of the article, just like a 'See also' section. Only one word needs to be change on every bird page - the Qcode (or the id) tyo bring up the bird's family. On the Rudhek article, the Qid is Q200989, which is the family. [Subspecies are slightly different, but let's keep things simple for now!] I'll add some pointers on the Wikidata list Talk page too.
  • I have collected a database of bird names in all Celtic languages. There are 268 in Kernowek, 1582 in ga / Irish Gaeilge, 434 in gd / Gàidhlig / Scottish Gaelic etc. This db / csv file can be used to automatically generate the missing articles.
  • Scientific + family name
  • Kernowek birdnames were ploaded onto Wikidata around 3 months ago.
  • There is a Klass:Muscicapidae, which today (15/11/2020) has two birds in it. Let's see if we can get it over 2000!
  • Started automating the Infobox for species eg Rudhek. Added sound, image and map, which will all be generated automatically from Wikidata. Copy the code to others.

Taklow dhe wul[pennfenten]

  • create a simple infobox with:
image of bird
sound / audio file
simple IUCN Red List status of the species (translation of these terms will be needed!)
family name (also used as category)
common name of group (Thrushes, woodpeckers, robins...)
  • Add an automated sentence or two which will only appear if the info is on Wikidata eg wingspan, number of eggs.
  • Check completed stubs and add info!
  • Agree in the tavern on a policy (just a few sentences!) to allow use of WD within articles.
  • Another Zoom meeting with only Kernowek editors.