Dhyworth Wikipedya, an godhoniador rydh
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Kemeneth an Wikipedya Kernewek re erviras nebes policis yn kever kevri dhe'n wiasva ma. An Wikipedya Kernewek a sew hwath policis an Wikipedia sowsnek, mes arbennek dhe'n versyon ma yw an policis a sew.

An policis re beu akordyes gans an dus a dhevnydh an wiasva ma. Mara'gas beus hwans a janjya an policis, po a'ga dadhla, y talvia dhywgh mos dhe'n tavern ha dalleth keskows nowydh ena. Pub prys ygor dhe dhadhla yw policis an wiki ma.

Notyewgh mar pleg: An polici ma re beu ervirys gans Kemeneth Wikipedia Kernewek nans yw termyn. Yma policis nowydh ow pos displegyes rag may fo esya rag tus golegi erthyglow, hag ow kwitha an wiasva kler ha rydh a dhadhlow a-dro dhe eghennow a Gernewek. Kevren dhe'n policis avel kyns-skrif a vydh postys omma yn skon, gans post y'n Tavern (mis Genver 2015). Kyns bos policis nowydh unverhes, mar pleg sewyewgh an polici a-woles.

Please note: The following policy has been decided by the Cornish Wikipedia Community some time ago. There is a new policy in development that will make it easier for editors to contribute, whilst keeping the site coherent and free of disputes about varieties of Cornish. A link to the draft policies will be posted here shortly, with a corresponding post in An Tavern (January 2015). Until that policy is confirmed, please follow the policy below.

Orgraf an Wiki[pennfenten]

Devnydhyoryon a yll skrifa erthyglow y'n orgraf a dhevnydhyons aga honan, mes ni a bys chanjyoryon a sewya an gidlinennow a sew:

  • Na janjyewgh orgraf erthygel dhe orgraf aral, marnas mars efansowgh an erthygel yn-dann geworra myns bras a gedhlow.
  • Ynterfas an wiki a godh bos skrifys y'n FSS, rannyeth kres.
  • Klassys war bub folen a godh bos y'n FSS, rannyeth kres. Hemma a wra dhe hwilas ha dhe geworra klassys dres an wiki oll bos esya.
  • Nyns yw an wiasva ma an le rag dadhlow a-dro dhe orgrafow, marnas mars eus kudynnow ow nasya oberyans an wiasva.

Orthography of this Wikipedia[pennfenten]

Users can write articles in their own orthography, but we ask editors to follow these guidelines:

  • Do not change the orthography to another one, unless you have added a large amount of content to it.
  • The interface should be written in the Standard Written Form (SWF) using main variants.
  • Categories on each page should be in the SWF, using main variants. This will make adding categories throughout the Wiki easier.
  • This wikipedia is not the place for disputes about orthography, unless it is a problem affecting the site.