Dhyworth Wikipedya, an godhoniador rydh


Kemeneth Wikipedia Kernewek re erviras nebes policis rag kevri dhe'n wiasva ma. Wikipedia Kernewek a sew hwath an pymp koloven a Wikipedia ha, dre vras, policis Wikipedia Sowsnek, mes arbennik dhe'n versyon ma yw an policis a sew.

An policis re beu akordyes gans an dus a dhevnydh an wiasva ma. Mara'gas beus hwans a janjya an policis, po a'ga dadhla, y talvia dhywgh mos dhe'n tavern ha dalleth keskows nowydh ena. Pub prys ygor dhe dhadhla yw policis an wiki ma.

The Cornish Wikipedia community has decided some policies for contributing to this website. Cornish Wikipedia still follows the five pillars of Wikipedia and, largely, the policies of English Wikipedia, but the following policies are particular to this version. The policies have been agreed upon by the people who use this website. If you want to change the policies, or discuss them, you should go to the tavern and start a new conversation there. The policies of this wiki are always open to discussion.

Orgraf an Wiki ma[pennfenten]

Nyns yw Wikipedia Kernewek an le rag dadhlow a-dro dhe orgrafow, marnas y vos ow nasya an wiasva.

  • Rag erthyglow, py orgraf pynag yw amyttys. Na janjyewgh orgraf erthygel dhe orgraf aral, marnas mars esowgh ow kul golegyansow/keworransow bras lowr ha nyns esowgh attes gans orgraf an erthygel a-lemmyn.
  • Rag klassys, ynterfas an Wiki hag elvennow restra/treusi, y kodh dhedha bos y'n Furv Skrifys Savonek (FSS) gans penngrafow. Hemma a wra dhe restra ha treusi dres an wiki oll bos esya.
Orthography of this Wiki
Cornish Wikipedia is not the place for spelling disputes unless it impacts the site.
  • For articles, any orthography is accepted. Do not change the orthography of an article to another one, unless you are making significant edits/additions and are not proficient in the current orthography of the article.
  • For categories, the Wiki interface and other organisation/navigation elements, Cornish should be in the Standard Written Form (SWF) using main variants. This will make organisation and navigation throughout the Wiki easier.