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[[Image:{{{image_drapeau}}}|125px|border|Baner {{{hanow_Kernewek}}}]] [[Image:{{{image_blason}}}|125px|Sel {{{hanow_Kernewek}}}]]
(Baner {{{hanow_Kernewek}}}) (Sel {{{hanow_Kernewek}}})
Lavar: {{{motto}}}
Leshanow: {{{nickname}}}
Kenedhel Flag of the United States.svg Statys Unys Amerika
Pennsita {{{capital}}}
Brassa sita {{{largest_city}}}
Governour {{{governor}}} ({{{party}}})
Enep {{{total_area}}} km² ({{{area_rank}}})
 - Tir {{{area_land}}} km²
 - Dowr {{{area_water}}} km² ({{{percentage_water}}}%)
Poblans ({{{census_year}}})
 - Sommenn {{{total population}}} a drigoryon ({{{population_rank}}})
 - Doesedh {{{density}}} triger/km² ({{{density_rank}}})
Dydhyans pan entras y'n Unyans
 - Dydhyans {{{date_admission}}}
 - Reyth {{{admission_rank}}}
Senedhoryon an SU
 - Henavek {{{senior_senator}}} ({{{1_party}}})
 - Bacheler {{{junior_senator}}} ({{{2_party}}})
Berrheans an Post {{{postal abbreviation}}}
Hanow an drigoryon {{{gentile}}}
Amser UTC {{{fuseau_horaire}}}
Kodenn kesroesweyth {{{domain}}}