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Siân Berry

Dhyworth Wikipedya, an godhoniador rydh
Siân Berry
Genys Siân Rebecca Berry Edit this on Wikidata
Trigva Tufnell Park Edit this on Wikidata
Kenedhlogeth Ruvaneth Unys Edit this on Wikidata
Galwesigeth gweythresor Edit this on Wikidata
Soodh Member of the London Assembly, member of the 59th Parliament of the United Kingdom Edit this on Wikidata
Gwiasva https://sianberry.org.uk/ Edit this on Wikidata

Siân Rebecca Berry (genys 9ves mis Gortheren 1974) yw politegores a Vreten hag an kev-hembrenkyades a'n Parti Gwer gans Jonathan Bartley a-dhia 2018 dhe 2021. Hi o asleys avel ledyer gans Carla Denyer ha Adrian Ramsey yn mis Hedra 2021. Hi yw esel a'n Kesva Loundres a-dhia 2016 dhe 2024. A-dhia 2024, Berry yw an esel Senedh rag Brighton Pavilion.[1]

Berry o an ombrofyer a'n Parti Gwer y'n etholans Mer Loundres 2008. Hi o skoodhys gans The Independent ha The Observer.[2][3] Berry a gwaynyas 77,374 votas kynsa preferyans (3.15%) ha 331,727 votas nessa preferyans (13.50%).[4]

Devynnow[golegi | pennfenten]

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