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Branvras a skrifas:

"Treylys o henna gans towlenn jynn-amontya. Euthek o, hag yma rannow na gonvedhav hwath, wosa y redya lieskweyth. Res yw dhyn skrifa Kernewek, na jynn-amontyek. Ny yllyn perthi erthyglow a'n par na."
"Wosa koska warnodho....ny garav an Sowsnek ynno. Mars eus dervynn arabek neb termyn, a wren ni y skrifa yn Arabek?"

Res yw dhymm akordya orth Vranvras y'n mater ma. To our unknown renovator, who I suspect speaks even less Cornish than I, can I offer this suggestion: When writing articles in Cornish, always accompany English quotations with a Cornish translation. Do try to write your own Cornish material, and not run an English text through a translation program. As a more general matter, there's much more value in adding an article with a small amount of content, than an elaborate template with no content at all. I would dearly like us all to work together amicably to make this wikipedia grow, and I do appreciate the value of your contributions this far. So let's have a little more detail about Béla Bartók, and a little less smoke and mirrors. Best, QuartierLatin1968 23:28, 22 Sep 2004 (UTC)

I also welcome anyone prepared to help with this 'ober kowrek'. I suppose we all come at it from different angles. Personally, although I want to see the Wikipedia Kernewek grow, I also want it to contain Cornish that is as 'accurate' as it can be. Otherwise we will be the laughing stock of the Wikipedia world - even if it is only Cornish speakers that can recognise it. We need to respect the language. I dearly love Cornish and could not stand by and watch it get mangled and abused.
The translation program is probably useful to get you going, but its output needs to be edited. From what I've seen it consistently gets some structures wrong, like 'ow' after prepositions, noun + noun like 'morhoghes mernansow' and it produces nonsense like 'bird's crop' for 'agricultural crop'. If you are going to continue translating in this way, could you find a user of Unys to edit it? I've already tried encouraging some friends who use Unys to take a look at what we're doing, but so far I'm not sure any of them have! The problem I have in trying to sort out what the program is generating is that - I'll come clean - I can't spell in Unys (unlike QL!). This may not sound like a big problem, but it is when I'm faced with 're wrussa dhe vos' (what on earth does the program think that means?) and I want to write 're beu' and don't know what it is in Unys. Or when the program generates 'rias' and I think 'that would be 'ros' in Kemmyn - surely 'ri' is not regular in Unys?'. I have to sit with a dictionary by my side to sort it out. It's tedious, and I have to say I am so tempted to rewrite the piece in Kemmyn (but I won't) just to save time and energy, and so that I know it is reasonably 'right'.
We can make Wikipedia Kernewek something to be proud of - especially since we're being non-partisan about the spelling, which is close to being a first - but only if we constantly insist on a quality of contribution that is as high as possible. Areth gorfennys. Meur ras dhywgh hwi oll.