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Keskows Devnydhyer:Chamdarae

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Dhyworth Wikipedya, an godhoniador rydh

Dynnargh dhis! Lowen ov vy gweles devnydhyer nowydh ow skrifa erthyglow hwath! Fatla genes? Menyster an wiki ma ov vy, ytho roy dhymm notenn omma mars eus genes govynn a neb sort, ha gorthybi uskis orthis my a wra. (Profya onderstondya govynnow a wrav vy yn nep rannyeth.) Yeghes da! QuartierLatin 1968 03:43, 7 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Swahili help[pennfenten]

Hi, I saw that you are active on the Swahili Wikipedia and have a question for you. w:Span (unit) lists a Swahili term "unguru" as a unit of measurement. I believe this is a hoax, based on this Slashdot post. Could you help? Cheers and thanks, w:User:AxelBoldt


Hey Chamdarae, I tried recreating the table from List of tallest buildings in New York City on Cornish Wikipedia at Rol a dhrehevyansow an uhella yn Cita Ebron Nowyth. Why is it not showing up the same? How can I rectify this? Thanks! --Caponer 23:49, 6 Ebryl 2009 (UTC)

Also: w:Fungu'lu.