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Yma moy ages 300 imajys teg a eglosyow Kernow orth Herwydh an skeusenner, nyns yw an imajys yn-dann gwirbryntyans (copyright) vydh, mes gwell yw dhodho kavoes gwarnyans a-varr yn kever aga devnydh. Hwath pella, ev a ros kummyas dhymm gul devnydh a'y skeusennow rag Wikipedia an 14ves a vis Gortheren 2005. Tekst an e-bost yw isos:

Hi Owen,

Yes this would be fine, you would be very welcome to use any of my images, I would appreciate a quick note at some point just to let me know which ones you are going to use.

I am in the process at the present of updating the website and will be introducing some images from other counties at some point so please keep an eye on it, you will also be very welcome to use these images.

Good luck with the project.

Kind regards

Ian Self.

Owen Cook wrote:

> Hello, I'm a contributor to Wikipedia, which as you
> might know is a free, non-copyrighted, non-commercial
> online collaborative encyclopedia. I was very pleased
> and interested to see all of the work you've done on
> Wikipedia has articles (in
> several languages) on many towns in Cornwall, and I
> was wondering if it would be possible to incorporate
> some of your church photographs into these? For my
> part, I'm particularly interested in using them for
> the Cornish language edition of Wikipedia
> (

> I look forward to hearing from you -- and
> congratulations on your impressive project!

> Best,
> ~~Owen

I've been advised that it is not correct to describe Wikipedia as non-copyrighted. It is in fact free-content. I regret the error, and have notified Mr Self of my inaccuracy. QuartierLatin 1968 16:40, 19 July 2005 (UTC)