Charleston, Virjynni West

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City of Charleston, West Virginia
Sel Charleston
(Sel Charleston)
Leshanow: Sowsnek: "Home of Hospitality", "The most northern city of the South and the most southern city of the North", "Chemical Valley", "The Capitol City", "Chucktown", ha "Charly West"
Desedhans Charleston yn Konteth Kanawha
Kenedhel Flag of the United States.svg Statys Unys
Stat Flag of West Virginia.svg Virjynni West
Konteth Konteth Kanawha
Mayour Danny Jones
- Tir
- Dowr
84.7 km²
81.9 km²
2.8 km²
Poblans (2006)
- Doesedh
50,846 a drigoryon
652.7 triger/km²
Hanow an drigoryon Charlestonian
- Hav (DST)
UTC -5
UTC -4

Charleston yw pennsita Virjynni West.