Bluefield, Virjynni West

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City of Bluefield, West Virginia
Leshanow: Sowsnek: "Nature's Air Conditioned City"
Desedhans Bluefield yn Virjynni West
Kenedhel Flag of the United States.svg Statys Unys
Stat Flag of West Virginia.svg Virjynni West
Konteth Konteth Mercer
Mayour Linda Whalen
- Tir
- Dowr
22.6 km²
22.6 km²
0.0 km²
Poblans (2000)
- Doesedh
11,451 a drigoryon
506.4 triger/km²
- Hav (DST)
UTC -5
UTC -4

Bluefield yw sita yn Virjynni West, SUA.