Dhyworth Wikipedya, an godhoniador rydh
Leshanow Queen B, Beyoncé, First Lady of Music Edit this on Wikidata
Genys Beyoncé Giselle Knowles
4 Gwynngala 1981 Edit this on Wikidata
Houston Edit this on Wikidata
Trigva Bel Air Edit this on Wikidata
Label rekordya Columbia Records, Parkwood Entertainment, Music World Entertainment Edit this on Wikidata
Kenedhlogeth Statys Unys Edit this on Wikidata
Alma mater
  • Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts
  • Alief Elsik High School
  • The Center for Early Education Edit this on Wikidata
Galwesigeth askorrer plasennow, gwarier film, kaner-kanskrifer, kevarwodher fylmow, composydh, askorrer film, skrinskrifer, dancer, entrepreneur, donslunyer, levwarier, fashion designer, artydh-sonskrifa Edit this on Wikidata
Aswonnys rag Austin Powers in Goldmember, Obsessed, The Lion King, Hip Hop Star, Signs Edit this on Wikidata
Gis ilow enev, ilow popp, Rhythm ha blous, contemporary R&B, rock music, chillwave, ilow aweyl, funk, electronic music, garage rock, disco, ilow bow, Afrobeat, dancehall, traditional folk music, theatre music, Jazz, Reggae, reggaeton, bounce music, rapping, ilow wels glas, hipp-hopp Edit this on Wikidata
Sort a lev mezzo-soprano Edit this on Wikidata
Chyf delanwes Michael Jackson Edit this on Wikidata
Ughelder 169 Edit this on Wikidata
Parti Politek Parti an Dhemokratyon Edit this on Wikidata
Tas Mathew Knowles Edit this on Wikidata
Mamm Tina Knowles Edit this on Wikidata
Pries Jay-Z Edit this on Wikidata
Fleghes Rumi Carter, Blue Ivy Carter, Sir Carter Edit this on Wikidata
Neskerens Angela Beyince Edit this on Wikidata
Gwiasva Edit this on Wikidata
Eseleth The Carters, Destiny's Child, Artists Stand Up to Cancer Edit this on Wikidata

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter (genys 4 mis Gwyngala 1981) yw kanores, skrifores a hanow, prydydhes, lymnores hag awtoures amerikanek.

Yma'n erthygel ma owth usya an Furv Skrifys Savonek a-barth Kernowek kres.