Bethnal Green ha Bow

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Bethnal Green ha Bow yn Loundres

Bethnal Green ha Bow yw pastell vro yn Loundres Meur. Representys re beu gans Rushanara Ali (Parti Lavur) a-dhia 2010.

Eseli Senedh[chanjya | pennfenten]

Etholans Esel[1] Parti
Hwe 1974 Ian Mikardo Lavur
1983 pastell vro dashenwys dhe Bethnal Green ha Stepney
1997 Bethnal Green ha Bow dasoberys
1997 Oona King Lavur
2005 George Galloway Revrons
2010 Rushanara Ali Lavur

Devynnow[chanjya | pennfenten]

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