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City of Baltimore
(Baner Baltimore) (Kota arvow Baltimore)
Leshanow: Charm City, Mob Town, B-more, Crabtown, The City of Firsts, Monument City, ha B-Town
Desedhans Baltimore yn Tir Maria
Kenedhel Flag of the United States.svg Statys Unys
Stat Flag of Maryland.svg Tir Maria
Mayour Catherine Pugh (Demokratek)
- Tir
- Dowr
238.5 km²
209.3 km²
29.2 km² (12%)
Poblans (2006)
- Doesedh
640,961 a drigoryon
3,039 triger/km²
Hanow an drigoryon Baltimorian
- Hav (DST)
UTC -5
UTC -4

Baltimore yw brassa sita Tir Maria.