Fife North-Est (pastell vro Senedhek RU)

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Fife North-Est y'n Alban

Fife North-Est yw pastell vro yn Fife, Alban. Representys re beu gans Wendy Chamberlain (Parti Livrel Werinel) a-dhia 2019.

Eseli Senedh[golegi | pennfenten]

Etholans Esel[1] Parti
1983 Barry Henderson Gwithadorek
1987 Menzies Campbell Livrel
1992 Livrel Werinel
2015 Stephen Gethins PKA
2019 Wendy Chamberlain Livrel Werinel

Gweler ynwedh[golegi | pennfenten]

Devynnow[golegi | pennfenten]

  1. THE HOUSE OF COMMONS CONSTITUENCIES BEGINNING WITH "F", Leigh Rayment's Historical List of MPs (yn Sowsnek), kyrghys 24 Est 2020