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{{User en-2}}
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{{User kw-0}}
*You can leave me a message on [[m:User talk:Ev|my talk page on meta]].
*Vous pouvez me laisser un message sur [[m:User talk:Ev|ma page de discussion sur méta]].
*Puede dejarme un mensaje en [[m:User talk:Ev|mi página de discusión en meta]].
*Puoi lasciarmi un messaggio nella [[m:User talk:Ev|mia pagina di discussione su meta]].
*Sie können mir eine Nachricht auf [[m:User talk:Ev|meiner Diskussionsseite im meta]] hinterlassen.
( Please, help me by adding a similar message in Cornish at the top of the list, and removing this petition at the same time. Thanks :-)