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==Welsh towns and Communities==
Hi all! I've just added 700 new articles on Welsh towns and communities on Irish and [https://gd.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roinn-se%C3%B2rsa:Bailtean_anns_a%27_Chuimrigh Scottish Gaelic] wikis. I'll develop [[Wici Rhuthun 1/Rhuthun|this article on my home town of Rhuhun]], in case you would like similar articles in Kerneweg. Could do the same with villages in Kernyw, too, should you wish. Please correct / evaluate [[Birchgrove|this one]]. [[Devnydhyer:Wici Rhuthun 1|Wici Rhuthun 1]] ([[Keskows Devnydhyer:Wici Rhuthun 1|keskows]]) 11:18, 22 Ebrel 2014 (UTC)
:{{Ping|Wici Rhuthun 1}}I thought I would find you here. ;)
:I was trying to think about where else this idea could go. Obviously, apart from the Celtic language wikiprojects, there's the Simple English one (which you can handle easily I'm sure), and two Wikiprojects with some Celtic connection, i.e. the Scots and the Galician ones. I'm sure the Basque and Catalan projects might be interested as small nations in Europe.
:Regarding Scottish towns, I have been trying to find the largest one or two hundred places in Scotland. Unfortunately all the lists seem to include the top fifty, but little beyond that. That would be helpful in developing a list of Scottish names which could be put on to all the Celtic wikipedias. (Irish seems to have covered them well in numbers, but those articles could be improved). Also, we should see if we can get decent lists of Breton and Cornish settlements. (Manx not so important as there are so few.-[[Devnydhyer:MacRusgail|MacRusgail]] ([[Keskows Devnydhyer:MacRusgail|keskows]]) 11:43, 29 Ebrel 2014 (UTC)