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Dyffransow ynter amendyansow a "Keskows Devnydhyer:West Virginian"

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I find myself constantly hesitating over names that can be just considered foreign and left as is, or else could be cornicized using a neologism. It's a real dilemma. I'm sure other Cornish speakers look at some of the names used here and just scratch their heads. But try getting any of them to contribute feedback! Perhaps I should be proactive and use Govel Geryow. <font size="+1">☮</font> [[User talk:QuartierLatin1968|yn-medh]] [[User:QuartierLatin1968|Owen]]. [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|30px|]] 04:03, 17 February 2006 (UTC)
Dude, you're a machine! I love it. :-) Thanks so much for all your latest contributions. I think I'll play around a little with the colours of your two latest templates; otherwise, I can't see a thing wrong with what you're doing. Can't wait till your dictionary arrives &ndash; it will be good for one of us to have Williams' and the other George's and Nance's, so we can get a comparison. Williams of course writes in UCR, which is different from what you've been doing, but that's good; we should have more UCR here. (I like UCR actually, I just like Kemmyn better! At least until they figure out an official standard.) <font size="+1">☮</font> [[User talk:QuartierLatin1968|yn-medh]] [[User:QuartierLatin1968|Owen]]. [[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|30px|]] 17:13, 8 Meurth 2006 (UTC)